Welcome to the Fantastical Adventures of Escalus!

These works chronicle my betta’s various adventures in quarantine in the form of a storybook as a form of escapism. When suddenly my world became reduced to the confines of my house and human contact became distant, I felt a strong urge to go outside, explore, and pursue my crazy bucket list dreams. My fish were my comfort and companions throughout quarantine. So instead, Escalus is living out those dreams for me. He goes on an odyssey through nature and cities, known and unknown, real and abstract, and the mundane and the whimsical. The art inspiration for the form of a story book originated from Andy Warhol’s children books. This project is quite different from what my thesis was going to be, but given the darkness in the world at the moment, I wanted to use this space to bring positivity both to myself, and hopefully others. I hope you have as much fun looking through them as I did making them.


Christina de Soto